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Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay
01 May 2019

Apple CarPlay has quickly become an essential feature for many iPhone users. It gives you control over your phone’s most important apps via your car’s touchscreen, and uses voice control with Siri to dictate incoming messages.

It’s simple to use too - just plug your phone in, or connect it wirelessly, and you get access to Maps, Music, Messages, as well as third-party apps like Spotify. Most manufacturers, like Volkswagen, Ford, and Vauxhall, all supply cars with this system. And manufacturers that don’t, like Jaguar and Land Rover, are working on it.

One of the main criticisms of Apple CarPlay is that it makes you use Apple Maps. Apple Maps falls quite some way behind the market-leading Google maps - mostly because less people use it, which gives the apps up to date data. But an update to the iPhone’s operating system coming later this year will allow users of Apple CarPlay to use Google Maps, as well as community driven mapping app Waze.

Here's a little bit of information of how Apple CarPlay works with some brands/models.

·       BMW 3 Series Wireless CarPlay means that you can use the system even if you forget your charging cable. It's shown in split screen, so other vehicle information is visible at the same time. Unfortunately, BMW charges a subscription. 


·       Citroen C4 Picasso A dual-screen layout on all but entry-level models give you the luxury of using CarPlay (to listen to music, for example), while sat-nav directions and other information are visible at the same time.


·       Mercedes-Benz A-Class' two widescreen displays ensure that your apps are large and clear on one screen, leaving the other for additional driving information that you might need, including sat-nav directions.


·       Volkswagen Golfs built since April 2017 have large, glossy touchscreens that make CarPlay brighter than ever. The optional 9.2in Discover Navigation Pro display is so clear that you'll have no excuse for missing your turning.


·       Volvo XC40 Virtually everything is controlled by the portrait touchscreen, so Volvo splits the screen when CarPlay is in use. Apple apps are large and easy to read and there's also display space for the ventilation controls and Volvo's own sat-nav.

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