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Review of the Skoda Fabia SEL

Review of the Skoda Fabia SEL
15 April 2020

It is true that everybody holds a special place in their heart for their first car. But buying your first brand new car is something special. The new smell, the impeccably clean interior and the glossy shiny paint all add to the thrill of knowing you own it. I have to admit that I fell in love with my very first brand new car – the Skoda Fabia SEL – instantly.

Just one test drive in the Skoda Fabia SEL and my decision was made; driving this car is an absolute pleasure. The drive is very smooth and quiet. But it is the excellent fuel economy, helped by a very efficient Start Stop System, that makes this car such a delight.

I went for the Fabia SEL with a few added extras, such as hill start and climate control, parking sensors and collision alert features. These added extras really make the driving experience a touch easier and more luxurious. The interior of the car is aesthetically pleasing with a stylish brushed metal trim and dash and everything within easy reach. In fact, it is all designed to be so easy to use. With access to most things via the steering wheel controls, it means I am always fully focused on the driving.

The infotainment system is brilliant, with Bluetooth connectivity for your phone. There is also a media section, including Apple Car Play. The SAT NAV system boasts a welcome variety of choice of routes, suggesting most economical and fastest. I really like that.

There are plenty of storage pockets, including drinks holder spaces in front of the gear stick, large side pockets in each door and a hidden inner storage place in the central arm rest. The boot is a good size too – I have not found it a struggle ever to carry all my family shopping or luggage. To top it off, all Skodas come with a free umbrella – a fortuitous touch for how rainy our beloved British weather has been so far this year!

Driving the car is an absolute pleasure, made easier by the parking sensors. There are no blind spots from your driver’s seat viewpoint. As a small car, it is ideal for the smaller family, yet large enough for an expanding family with plenty of legroom.

Cruise control makes motorway driving a dream, although I wish in hindsight that I had opted for adaptive cruise control. However, the collision alert on the vehicle also benefits from an optional speed limit alert to keep your driving on track.

All in all, it is a fabulous car which has enough technology to keep you and the family entertained and comfortable on long journeys and a real pleasure to drive.

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